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  • NEO-RAY by eaton

    The Define series by Neo-Ray characterizes the ultimate in minimalist simplicity by providing clean, uniform lines of illumination in virtually any architectural environment. Powered by Eaton’s most advanced linear LED technology, the Define series delivers outstanding efficacy in a variety of profile widths. 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, and 5” luminaire widths are all specifiable to the nearest inch in length and can be fitted with standard flush, regress, proud and asymmetric lensing. In wall corners, wall to ceiling transitions, crosses and T’s can all be ordered as standard components and blend seamlessly into the most complex architectural spaces. Robust construction and adaptable, modular components make installation simple and ensure laser straight runs. The Define series empowers designers, engineers and architects to design the space as they Define it, not to the limitations of the luminaire.
    Imagination on a micro scale…
    Without the restrictions of bulky fluorescent lamps, the Define 1 has a remarkably slender 1” aperture. The micro slot beautifully defines architectural features and shapes and blends harmoniously in the most modern and technological environments. The Define 1 is available with all the options of the larger aperture profiles making it not only a beautiful aesthetic option, but a true micro powerhouse.
  • Leucos

    Keyra: A modern and elegant pendant design , Keyra is available in two sizes with LED illumination. The impressive glass diffsuer is hand-blown in clear crystal with white glass at its concave center. Canopy is in white lacquered metal.

    Contemporary designs from Italy that include recessed , wall , suspension , table , floor and custom design


    A story which began in the sixties calling into question the historical relation between shape and material: it was a revolution. The protagonist was glass, taken away for the first time from the traditional logics of glass art and reinterpreted in an absolutely new way. Taking into consideration the tradition, of course, but also looking at innovative materials and technologies, and reconsidering serial production as an added value to design: the repetition became a multiplication of beauty, and the accessibility an opportunity to offer resources to the creative process.
  • Focal Point

    Focal Point Trace, Perimeter: “Low wattage LED slot provides glowing transition between wall and ceiling. Housing creates 3” architectural slot”

    Limited and ”hard to get to” space made the Focal Point Trace a perfect fit for this downtown Chicago hotel lobby application. It does a great job of accentuating the texture of the wall with minimum energy consumption. The long life LED source enables the hotel to operate these constantly without the worry of disrupting guests to change lamps and maintain the fixture.
  • Estiluz

    Versatil Pendant

    Modular pendant with nickel canopy Acrylic bottom diffuser. Available in two sizes. Transparent power cable. Adjustable height. Shade is availablein most materials.
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